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Exclusive Interview: Mirraw- House of Ethnic Collections

I met one of my friends recently who is getting married soon. During our chit chat she told me that she is very particular about buying jewellery online through It was the first time I was hearing this name. I was curious to know more about Mirraw- an extravaganza of ethnic collections, and thus I ended up getting connected with its co-founder Shailesh Jain.

Mirraw is a dream of two techies, Shailesh Jain who worked at VMware and Anup Nair from Microsoft. When they were in US, they both dreamt of coming back to India and doing something innovative. Way back in 2011, e-commerce was famous in US, but it was in its blooming stage in Indian market. So they decided e-commerce is going to be their platform. Then the question was what to sell. They did a thorough market study, went through many reports on Indian commerce, and collected data regarding exports and imports. Finally they arrived at consensus- the most sought after product in market – jewellery.mirraw4

They travelled across India, visited exhibitions and traditional designers. They handpicked vendors. “The most difficult part was to convince these vendors that they will get a better market place and profit in online space”, says Shailesh Jain, “Yes transactions can happen online”. At that time Myntra was not there and Flipkart was also not as popular as it is today. Team Mirraw focussed on ethnic wear.

Mirraw got registered in October 2011 with a grant of 2.5 lakhs from start up residence program. Even though they were not sure whether it’s the right choice for them, they focussed only in ethnic jewellery in the beginning. Focus was on delivering best output and not getting investment. “First deliver your service, and then go for chasing money”. That was the attitude of team Mirraw and it worked out for them.

By mid 2012, they started advertising in Facebook. By the end of 2012 they made first hires. They started with 5-10 transactions per day and it slowly gathered momentum. From 2013 August it was festive time and Mirraw’s business got a kick start. “We are very selective about choosing designers and there is no compromise in quality”, says Shailesh.

When they guaranteed quality to their customers, Mirraw grew through feedbacks and mouth publicity. Mirraw delivers services anywhere in the world, from Trinidad and Tobago in Latin America to Auckland in Australia.

When I asked about their secret of success, their reply was humble. They don’t call themselves successful yet as they find more areas of improvement. They are looking forward to expand their presence in mobile phone platform. But they don’t want to diversify their business beyond ethnic collection. Team Mirraw will continue their journey to become India’s top ethnic wear sellers. Mirraw is a virtual mirror that reflects your ethnic style quotient.

Before signing out I asked Shailesh for his message for aspiring entrepreneurs-“Don’t go after advices. If you have an idea, have faith in it, work it out and be confident.”

Startupshowcase join hands with Mirraw in exploring new avenues in ethnic collections.



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