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You know, all are interested in apps, interact with business objects, activities on technology etc!! Here we showcase you a couple of people who thought making a “Virtual App Store Platform” will be the great impact in the industry. Yes!!! We got it from a fascinating two geeks, Mr. Viraat & Mr Chathur.

We had a great interview with Mr. Viraat, CoFounder of Let’s see, what we need to talk with you geeks!!


  1. We know you are eager to know what is can make a change!!

“Yes! is the world’s first platform which gives you a universal virtual app store. This helps you to showcase your apps, create your business and personal profile, exchange & collaborate your business between users, professionals, create testimonials and get reviews etc”, says Viraat.

  1. So, who all are the major target customers??

Currently we are targeting SME, SMBS who want to leverage technology to increase engagement and conversions

  1. What will be the potential output to the public with your product?

 “The potential output to the public with our product will be a unique proposition being a patent pending technology with the kind of flexibility and adaptation with next generation technology along with combined integration with current platforms with multiple 3rd party integrations combined together is unmatched and unparalleled with other players in the market.” Says Viraat.

  1. What are the biggest challenges that you face in this business?

 Some of the biggest challenges facing in our business are

  •  Since we have filed a patent for an innovative product the core fundamentals of computer engineering and machine learning has been reversed, so hiring graduates would not make any sense, rather hire a people who are well versed and certified in various technologies, so time consumption in training new candidates will take some time to adjust.
  • Again since we have worked on reverse engineering techniques, there is currently no way as such to identify app metrics & measurements, so currently we are focussing on Google analytics and later on create a custom metric measurement plan in the future.
  • Market penetration has just been initially started with our offerings and would take considerate time to become key market dominance.
  • Keeping a balance between horizontal, vertical growth along with innovation & same time keeping a competitor watch, trend watch and customer feedback.
  1. We know, all product or service have a differentiating factor. Viraat, can you brief it??

“Sure, we have kept ourselves ahead of competitive curve technology wise, we may be lagging in market wise, but can easily penetrate by our disruptive technology in place by keeping a close watch on patterns and flows & market trends for a period of 4 years generating 50+ case studies & filing a patent for the same.” Says Viraat.

We differ from some of the key factors like:

– 50% reduced time in application development process

– Manage each App permission privacy settings

– No more dependency on 3rd party software as whole

– No more dependency on package software on CDS

– No more activation or serial key requirement

– No more app downloading

– No more app download/updates or versions

– No more upgrading firmware

Oh!! Great, so can be a new business boom to the Indian Business History and let’s wish the whole team for the effort that they done yet!!

——————————————   Nasbeer Signing off with Viraat!!   ————————————-

About the Company


Mr. Viraat, Founder


Mr. Chatur, Founder

Deluxe Elite Info solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2010, headquartered in Mumbai, India IT pioneering in universal hybrid public cloud app solutions, providing 360 degrees turnkey solutions in multiple domains through our dedicated virtual app store marketplace, providing various readymade and custom solutions catering to individual needs for specific purposes.


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