AdmitKard Takes Global Education Online

AdmitKard Takes Global Education Online

Agents, stressful counseling visits, piles of paperwork and general cluelessness – that’s the typical journey of a student who’s applying abroad. Thankfully, this hectic scenario is being changed as global education enters the digital world.

AdmitKard was founded in 2016 with the sole vision of making global education accessible to every student. Rachit Agarwal and Piyush Bhartiya saw both the need and the potential of global education in India. In little over a year, their vision turned into a committed team of IIT/IIM alumni, a global alumni network and more than a 1000 international universities.

Studying Abroad Has Never Been Easier

What happens when you apply digital data and analytics to global education? You get the best curation of courses and the hectic application process becomes fun! Our global network of alumni ensures that our candidates receive timely guidance. As the AdmitKard network grows, so does yours!

At AdmitKard, you can do all this, without leaving your room.

      1. Sign Up in seconds
      2. Curation of 1000 Universities Abroad
      3. Find your ideal match using Data Analytics
      4. Expert Counselling Over Skype and Phone
      5. Visa Application Filing

Why Study Abroad?

Every Indian student knows the stress and hopelessness that comes with decisions related to higher education. In recent years, many students have found a solution to this conundrum. Studying abroad! But, why are so many Indian students deciding to study abroad? Moreover, there’s the question of whether it is useful to study abroad for an Indian student.
Are those who study abroad making the right decision?

Studying abroad for an Indian student becomes a practical choice, considering the kind of interconnected world that globalism is creating. It becomes even more of a no-brainer when one considers that Indians already constitute the fastest growing community of outbound students.

Indian Students Abroad

Combine that with better job opportunities, research grants and work satisfaction abroad and it quickly becomes clear why more and more Indian students are studying at foreign universities.

Broader Horizons

The biggest motivation for Indian students to Study Abroad has been the aspiration to explore beyond the staple career choices that are offered to them at home.

Consider this anecdote from Planet Education by Ankita Vyas, a student who decided to study abroad. She says that since her teen years, she wanted to travel the world. In order to fulfill that dream, she chose not to opt for a regular MBA course that would land her a job in India itself. The study abroad experiences not only made her a well-read and traveled person but made her enlightened as a person who was always making the most of opportunities. For an Indian student, an international education represents the best way to keep pace with global competition, gather the required expertise to feature in job markets which value foreign degrees and access to diverse career trajectories.

Higher Education Goes Online

Higher education forms the backbone of any career, regardless of what may have happened in the past. Most students in the country are unaware of the staple programs and career choices on offer in the country. At the same time, the number of students exploring opportunities abroad is growing at a staggering rate.

In an effort to keep pace with the booming rate of outward mobility of Indian students, many counseling organizations have come up, both at home and abroad. While offline counseling setups dominated after the first phase of globalization in India, overall digitization is quickly becoming a necessity now.

Thus, many new initiatives have emerged which incorporate the best of digital technology and data analytics into a student’s study abroad journey. The results are staggering, as a much wider pool of opportunities opens up for the student. Moreover, much of the need tedious paperwork and manual searching is done away with.

Till a few years ago, students used to be short on choices for good programs. Today, they are spoilt for choice. There are scores of curative services which enlist thousands of Universities and Courses from across the globe, each of which has detailed descriptions and elaborations of the courses involved, their syllabi and so on.

How AdmitKard helps in the Study Abroad Journey?

Firstly, there are a vast array of specializations and vocational courses available abroad. This means you can lay out all your interests and objects of study as well as work. Moreover, most foreign universities are comfortable with the cross-domain study, so venture outside your educational background as well.

Secondly, on the basis of the understanding of your own profile, with AdmitKard’s guidance and expertise, you can articulate your strengths in skills like academics, work experience, extracurricular activities, and other achievements so that you can choose the right schools which value your strengths. In addition, AdmitKard career experts can help you explore courses, examinations, statement of purpose, scholarships, visas, etc., and keeping up to date with deadlines in the complete application process.

Thirdly, you can compare your options of courses and universities as per your preferences in terms of years of studies, location, budget etc., filter out the ones which fit your needs and clarify all your doubts.

At AdmitKard, you can clarify your doubts by seeking guidance from experts as well as alumni of various universities. The Counselors who can help you assimilate the information you have gathered with their experience of working with students and highlight key pointers that you would have missed and the Alumni provide detailed information and share real-life experiences.

Confused about what and where to study? Speak to one of the experienced career counselors at AdmitKard and find your career path. AdmitKard helps you with career counseling, profile evaluation, university shortlisting, application submission and visa guidance.

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