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BlackBerry Pushing BBM onto Android Wearables

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BlackBerry is continuing to expand the reach of its erstwhile walled garden messaging app, BBM. The latest platform it’s targeting is Google’s wearable focused flavor of Android, Android Wear — demoing an integration of BBM on Android Wear at CES this week. BBM will launch on Android Wear in “early 2015″, according to BlackBerry execs speaking to press at the show. Features will…

Wear Fin To Convert Your Palm Into A Gesture Interface


Wearable devices are in these and India is not far behind in this trend. A small piece of hardware called ‘Fin’, developed by a 23-year-old Indian (based in Kerala), has been bombarded with a successful campaign on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. Fin has raised nearly $200,000, from about 1,600 people around the world, who pre-ordered the…