The App aims to be the most affordable and transparent beauty services at home, starting at Rs 6 per minute

Idea Behind & Inception

Aditya Arya, 31-Year-old, India’s youngest DPO (Merchant Navy Seaman), went to a salon for a facial and the inexperienced beautician burnt his skin. It was evident that treatment through duplicate products was the culprit. Despite the damage, Aditya was slapped with a hefty bill of Rs 2,000. Not only did his face was burnt; his pocket was also burning after the treatment he had at the salon.

Aditya was scuffling to understand the pricing mechanism of the beauty industry. He researched online on various websites and learned that the actual price of the product is lesser and the salons are overpricing customers for the services. Mono doses of the products were available for just Rs. 400 and he was asked to pay Rs.2500 for the same facial material at the salon. He felt that there was a dire need of transparency in the system. These thoughts seeded the idea of creating a space where people could avail hassle free services at an affordable & transparent price. Realizing the vacuum in this space, Aditya Arya and his brother Mayank Arya, co-founded YES Madam, Salon at Home app for India’s beauty conscious women. The mobile app allows people to register and have the leverage of getting beauty services in the comfort of their home.

The duplicity of products in beauty salons and then paying higher to get the services is the pain area, which YES Madam sought to address. In December 2016, after rigorous market research startup ‘Yes Madam’, was launched.

Concept & Pricing

The Start-up YES MADAM, the most affordable and transparent Salon at Home App is the highest rated beauty Application (Android & iPhone) with4.6* ratings and 1,00,000+ Downloads on Google Play store. The accessibility of Yes Madam App/website allows customers to seamlessly book appointments for services like beauty, massage, slimming etc. without making an effort to call during working hours.

 The start-up provides affordable beauty services at home through its unique Rs. 6/8 per minute price model (Rs. 6 Rs. /minute for normal beautician and Rs.8/minute for a premium beautician). Pricing has been split into two criteria, one is a service charge and another is product cost. In order to avoid refilling or tampering and maintain transparency, the company only uses sealed mono sachets (One- time use). And in case the product is left over, it is handed over to the customer. This also helps in calculating the price of the product, unlike Salons. For instance, cost of O3 + facial costs Rs. 810 at Yes Madam, whereas the cost of the same facial amplifies to Rs. 2500 in a salon.

The company has 250 + trained beauticians with checked background and police verifications for safety purpose. Topnotch beauty brands like O3+, Sara, VLCC, Lotus, Vedic Line, Rica, Loreal, Inatur, Ozone etc are used in the beauty treatments.

Business Success, Financial Performance & Funding

Currently, the company is operating in Delhi and NCR including Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. Considering the fueling demand in the industry, the company plans to mark its Pan India footprints by the end of this year. Flying high on the wings of expansion, the company is also offering franchises in other cities.

The start-up is looking forward to on-board around 1 million users & 10,000 beauticians in the next 24 months. Launched in December 2016 in beta version, the app was exposed to only a few people initially. Since then, it has organically grown to 1 lakh users, without offering any discount to customers. Evident that App garners 10,000+ orders per month paired with Annual revenue of Rs. 2.5 crores,” says the co-founder, adding that about 98% of YES Madam users are women. The bootstrapped firm is looking to raise Series A funding. On the supply side, every beautician is earning Rs 35,000-Rs 70,000 monthly, attracting a large number of beauticians.